Monthly Archives: July 2010

Roseland, The First Studio

“Roseland, during the height of the season was the liveliest place imaginable. If the Webers, a family of acrobats, were not practicing their act on the lawn before the veranda, the man with the trained goats was putting his animals through their tricks, a juggler was practicing his stunts, or the trained dogs were perfecting […]

St. John’s River Locations

“Directly across the St. John’s River from Fairfield was a territory rich in locations easily reached by boat. The scattered homes were on the riverbank a mile or so apart and beyond them lay real wilderness. Strawberry Creek, several hundred yards broad and spanned by a primitive old plank bridge, played many parts in the […]

Jacksonville. Ready for a Closeup

“The company included besides Mr. Olcott and myself, James Vincent, Kenean Buel, Minerva Florance, Tommy Santley, Ben Owens the cameraman, Max Schneider and his wife who was sometimes pressed into playing bits although she made no pretense to being an actress. To this nucleus of a stock company we added our personal friends and acquaintances […]